1st Annual State & Federal Leaders Summit

December 8, 2021 through December 9, 2021 - Washington, DC

The State & Federal Leaders Summit is an opportunity for leadership from both the federal and state level to come together and engage in discussions on conservative policies being championed across the country.

11th Annual Emerging Leaders Summit

July 6, 2021 through July 8, 2021 - Santa Barbara, California

The Emerging Leaders Summit is the cornerstone of a yearlong program to coach, develop, and promote promising state legislators on how to be effective legislative and political leaders. Members of our Legislative Leaders Advisory Board nominate participating legislators for their potential and ability to [Read More]

14th Annual State Legislative Leaders Summit

August 11, 2021 through August 12, 2021 - Chattanooga, Tennessee

The State Legislative Leaders Summit attracts senate presidents, speakers of the house, chamber officers, and committee chairs from across the country to share policy ideas and trade best practices in implementing conservative principles to create jobs and make government more effective and efficient in [Read More]