Educating and Electing a New Generation of Republican Leaders

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Six Goals to Create Jobs and Opportunity

The six critical goals towards creating jobs and opportunity are:

1. Create a Fiscally Responsible Government

  • Keep tax rates low on income and consumption
  • Implement a sensible, broad-based tax system
  • Balance the budget
  • Eliminate “corporate welfare” that props up failing private companies/industries

2. Focus on the Proper Role of Government in the 21st Century

  • Determine the proper role of government and eliminate programs which don’t meet that role or achieve needed results
  • Deliver more efficiently core state services such as education and healthcare
  • Make certain that benefits for state workers are reasonable and sustainable
  • Reward state employees for savings generated by their innovation and efficiency
  • Expand privatization and competitive contracting to build infrastructure
  • Ensure that the benefits of proposed regulations exceed costs

3. Look to Energy to Power Job Creation

  • Simplify permitting processes to bring clean coal and nuclear plants to market
  • Refrain from imposing excessive, punitive taxes and regulations on natural gas and oil extraction
  • Repeal unreasonable mandates and regulations that drive up electricity costs
  • Review all energy efficiency state standards that exceed federal standards

4. Embrace Free-Market Reforms in the Era of Obamacare

  • Make health insurance personal, portable and renewable
  • Give individuals the same tax benefits for purchasing insurance as businesses
  • Allow Medicaid enrollees to control some of their own healthcare dollars
  • Repeal state laws which drive up the cost of prescription drugs

5. Improve Education with Student-Centered Results

  • Mobilize parents to hold elected leaders, principals and educators accountable
  • Empower parents and students to select the schools best suited for them
  • Simplify school funding and ensure that more dollars go directly into classrooms
  • Reward effective teaching that results in improved student performance

6. Establish a Justice System Free of Lawsuit Abuse

  • Place caps on non-economic and punitive damages awards
  • Reform class action lawsuits
  • Require a loser pay system
  • Replace the rule of joint and several liability with the rule of proportionate liability


GOPAC is dedicated to educating and electing a new generation of Republican leaders. A new generation of Republican leaders is out there. And it's GOPAC's mission to promote them as they champion the conservative ideas and policies that will create jobs and address the challenges our communities face. Since 1978, GOPAC has been searching the ranks of state and local governments for promising Republican leaders, and giving them the education and financial support they need to lead America. Learn More.

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