Meet the Chairman

A seasoned communications professional and political operative, Avella has spent the majority of his career working to advance free enterprise and conservative fiscal policies. He is a requested speaker on current national and state issues, how to communicate effectively, and how to execute winning political campaigns.

Mr. Avella is a frequent guest on national television and radio, including the Fox News Channel, MSNBC, Fox News Radio, and more. He is also a quoted source for national and local print, video, online and social media platforms.

During his tenure at the helm of GOPAC, Avella has worked to advance the conservative cause and promote the leaders who champion these principles.

Accordingly, Avella coordinates extensively with federal and state elected officials and the organization’s Legislative Leaders Advisory Board, which is comprised of State Senate and House leadership from across the country.

Mr. Avella has overseen the establishment of many successful projects including GOPAC’s Six Goals to Creating Jobs and Opportunity, annual Emerging Leaders Summit, annual State and Local Summit, and Hispanic Campaign Training Summit.

In addition, Avella has driven the expansion of GOPAC’s education and digital training programs, which has strengthened and fostered the organization’s connection with elected leaders nationwide. These programs are why Republicans turn to GOPAC for coaching and best practices on effective ways to communicate conservative policies.

By leading the organization to grow its major donor program by 349% in five years, Avella has proven himself to be a strong fundraiser. Equally, his financial stewardship has enabled GOPAC to set organizational records for financial and political support of promising candidates. GOPAC has excelled in recent years by building a healthy roster of prepared, tested Republican leaders ready to run for higher office.

A native of Martinsburg, West Virginia, Avella earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science at Shepherd University. He and his wife, Claire, currently reside in Arlington, Virginia.